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Dental Services


We provide most aspects of dental care with the exception of some specialist surgery, which will be referred to specialist centres as necessary. Home visits: we are very pleased to provide this service privately. Speech therapy for children complement an extensive range of preventive, orthodontic, restorative and cosmetic work.

Endodontic referrals are accepted from other practices.

Four hygienists offer full-time preventive care.
dentist in ryde, isle of wight

dentist in ryde, isle of wight
We encourage our adult and child patients to join Denplan or Denplan Essentials. For further details, click here

NHS Dentistry ...
NHS dentistry is no longer available.

Weekend Emergencies
NHS England run a central NHS emergency service. Telephone 111. All patients may use this.

Denplan Emergencies - For patients with Supplementary Insurance
Denplan patients have a private number on their membership cards that will get them through to the Denplan offices if off the Island.

Evening Emergency Service
Tel: 614419 (dire emergency only). This is a personal service limited to our patients only Monday to Thursday - at weekends please see above.

We often use bridges to replace missing teeth, without you needing to wear a denture. They are more expensive than a denture and to calculate the fee we count the number of retainers (supporting teeth) which are a bit like crowns, together with the number of pontics (bridged teeth). Each unit costs from 500. The lower priced system is conventionally manufactured, while the dearer systems use lower fusing porcelains and finer gold, to give a lower wear rate and an even better appearance. However, to be successful we need one or two good roots to work with. Under Denplan, and following trauma, these are often free of charge.

Implants allow a single tooth to be put back in the bone. Do ask if you want to know more.

Root Canal Treatments
We are fortunate to be able to refer root canal work to a registered specialist, Chris Emery in Portsmouth who works under a microscope and whose charges are about twice our in-house charges. Generally the more difficult cases, and those in young children who can afford the fees are best done by the specialist. However, some 95% of root canals are done in-house by Dr Lochner and since 2005 we have used unique instruments for each patient which comprise
  1. Protaper NiTi files
  2. Hand files
  3. Optident (1565-CE kit) ... in about 20% of cases
  4. EndoRez sealer
  5. Proprietary cleaners and lubricants, and rubber dam
In April 2007 the Chief Dental Officer (Dept of Health) issued advice in Gateway ref: 8100 that Dentists should move to single-use disposable instruments, which we had been doing since 2005. These are billed as an additional flat-rate technical charge of 50 to each patient. Some patients like us to sterilise the instruments for them to keep in case a second tooth needs to be treated and this we are happy to do, thus saving the patient a second charge. For root canal costs, please call us on 01983 615108.