Denplan Essentials®

We can offer new patients the benefits of Denplan Essentials at a very low cost and you may join before seeing the dentist so long as we have a medical history.

The cost includes one examination per year. Hygienist appointments are for 30 minutes and depending on which plan you are on there may be additional charges. This will be explained by a member of the team.

12.93 16.02 9.80 25.25 6.55
Fees apply from 1 January 2021

Patients also have the choice to add Denplan Supplementary Insurance to their payment plan -

The various benefits to this scheme include:
  • 900 per year temporary emergency dental treatment when you are more than 40 miles away from your own dentist in the UK.
  • 940 per year overseas temporary emergency dental treatment.
  • Wordlwide dental injury: Prior authorisation must be obtained from Denplan if the treatment costs are likely to exceed 200. You will be given a telephone number.
  • Hospital Cash Benefit
  • Consultation for dental emergency or dental injury
  • Mouth Cancer Cover 12,000 max
  • Benefit of Implant Upgrade Cover (if you have registered for this) 2100 per tooth.
At the end of your first year the dentist will report in writing on your oral health status and offer you the option to join the more comprehensive Denplan® scheme or you may elect to stay on Essentials®.

There are discounts for more than one family member paid from the same account.

To join Essentials® before seeing the dentist, please ask for a form.

Denplan® Care

Although dental care is normally not expensive, some fillings and root fillings can be costly and so we are very pleased to offer Denplan to our patients for several specific reasons.

In the column on the left-hand side you will see a list of insurance benefits (if you choose to add Denplan Supplementary Insurance to your payment plan), but more important is the routine cover it offers where fillings (not cosmetic improvement) are included, as are root fillings (done in house) and an intensive preventive hygienist programme designed to stop cavities and gum disease from developing.

Anyone with expensive crowns and bridges who does not join Denplan risks re-make costs should they knock their teeth and break the porcelain.

If you want to reduce your premium, Essentials® (see left-hand column) gives you the preventive benefits but misses out fillings, etc. which are down to you.

The dentist will examine your mouth and place you into a category which determines the monthly cost.

Cost per month 16.70 25.14 31.83 39.19 43.39
Fees apply from 1 January 2021

Do please ask at the desk if you wish to join Denplan.

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