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HYGIENIST VACANCY - As of July 2021 we have a vacancy for a hygienist on a Friday (and holiday cover on other days) - see our "Work Here" page below to apply       DENTIST VACANCY - Our long-term partner Ian Lochner has now settled down in South Africa so we have an opening for a dentist with a view to partnership - see our "Work Here" page below to apply

3M Stainless Steel Crowns

These are made of medical grade stainless steel. The technique is American and only a few dentists in the UK have experience using them on adults. We have fitted about 3000 and have an audited history of having placed some 1500 since October 2014.

They are the strongest and cheapest option to repair heavily filled and broken teeth, as they involve removing the least amount of tooth and are prepared and fitted in one appointment with no impressions.
Coronavirus Update 19 March 2021

We are open for routine examinations and hygiene visits.

We have been working through patients with problem and patients who were cancelled during the first lockdown. As you can imagine this is a lengthy process and we shall be in contact with you shortly.

In the meantime if you would like to contact the surgery we can arrange appointments sooner.
Although the stainless steel crowns are fitted privately they are charged at less than a typical NHS crown and can be a great and inexpensive solution to fractured back teeth.

Prefabricated crown user guide ... click here


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dentist in ryde, isle of wight
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Mainland Patients
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Welcome to our practice which was established here in Ryde in 1983. We are currently based in the town centre in a building which dates from around 1880. There are two dental surgeons - James Spence and Ian Clift - and a team of hygienists and nurses.

The philosophy of this practice is based on prevention; establishing and maintaining healthy gums is a priority. Many of our patients see the hygienists three times a year and some more frequently.

James Spence BDS, LDS, RCS Edin. 1980    GDC number 54588

James Spence graduated from the dental faculty of the University of Dundee and the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in 1980.

Dr Spence manages the children's list and the preventive programme which is carried out by our hygienist team. He also has an adult list and an interest in surgery and preventive gum work, working with local technicians to create very fine porcelain and gold crowns and bridges for his adult patients.
dentist in ryde, isle of wight

dentist in ryde, isle of wight     Ian Clift BDS Sheffield 1982    LDS RCS Eng. DipImpDent(RCS)    GDC number 57437
Dr Clift graduated from the University of Sheffield in 1982, and has been a principal dentist for over 25 years, Dr Clift has a special interest in orthopaedic orthodontics and implant placement.

Ian Lochner B.Ch.D. Pretoria 1975    GDC number 78685
Dr Lochner graduated from the dental faculty of the University of Pretoria, with interests in modern aesthetic dentistry, minimally invasive dentistry and adult orthodontics. Dr Lochner took a six month sabbatical in the autumn of 2019, during this time he returned to Pretoria and due to coronavirus restrictions he remains in South Africa. It is uncertain whether he shall return. Ian and all of the team here thank all of his patients over the past 15 years.

Hygienists, Educators and Laboratory Technicians

Four hygienists attend the practice - Natalie Morley GDC number 125401, Lynn Morris GDC number 2984, Alison Whyler GDC number 3668 and Catherine Adamou GDC number 3283. We use a variety of dental laboratories to ensure our patients have the best available treatments and two nurses have a special interest in dental health education.

We have surgeries on both levels so those who have difficulties with stairs need have no concerns - we can accommodate you easily.

Work Here
Unlike most businesses, where about only half of the staff work, we all enjoy our work here at the surgery. So, whether you are a dentist, a dental nurse, therapist or hygienist, simply interested in the dental profession or a student looking for work experience, we would be interested in hearing from you contact us from here.

The best way to become a dental nurse is to train in-house in a good practice but you can also train at the School of Dentistry of the University of Portsmouth. See their website for more details ... University of Portsmouth

Similarly check out that site for information on becoming a hygienist/therapist

To be a dentist check out the websites of the University of Dundee Dental School, University of Glasgow Dental School, University of Newcastle Dental School, University of Bristol Dental School.