Do you need that filling?

The best dentistry is no dentistry

dentist, ryde, isle of wight

Generally, we believe your natural dentition is best left alone and we'll only intervene

  • If we spot disease or developing problems and we wish to stop it getting worse and/or

  • You want intervention; say when you are having a problem with chewing, comfort, pain, bad breath or aesthetics, and so

  • When we give you your treatment plan we will classify your needs as
  1. urgent and essential
  2. non urgent but essential
  3. non essential but desirable
  4. non essential and elective or cosmetic
             do a.s.a.p.
do within 3 months
might be able to leave for longer but could cause problems
something you wish to do

Only when you understand your needs, benefits and potential risks we will offer to intervene

What if I can't afford it? ... We are also able to offer interest free credit to approved applicants.

What if I need a root filling and my dentist is on the mainland? ... We are able to accept endodontic referrals if your dentist posts us the radiograph and faxes us a referral letter we can start immediately.

To become a patient here call us on 01983 615108 between 7:45am to 2:00pm